Forums with maximum immersion

Forum organizers face challenges that demand innovative approaches to enhance participant experience and increase profits from their events. AR navigation emerges as a powerful tool to address these challenges.

Improved orientation

At large events with numerous booths, sessions, and activities, AR navigation helps participants easily find the locations they need, whether it's a specific booth, lecture hall, or networking area.

Interactive Event Programs

Participants can view interactive event programs in real-time, select sessions of interest, and receive directions and notifications about their start times through the AR interface.

AR technologies also enable the creation of interactive games, quests, and demonstrations, enhancing the participant experience and making it more engaging and memorable. This encourages attendees to interact more actively with the presented products and services, thereby increasing conversion rates and revenue for organizers.
Logistics and crowd management

AR navigation helps optimize the flow of people, reducing congestion and creating more comfortable conditions for visitors. It also ensures optimal use of space and minimizes queues.
In-depth exhibition information

AR navigation can provide additional information about participating companies, their products, and services, allowing visitors to access this data by pointing the camera at the booth.
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