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Our project makes the invisible visible, turning ordinary places into cultural treasures
Many of us live without noticing the uniqueness of our surroundings. The AR navigation app Navigio changes that, turning every step into an opportunity to learn something new about familiar places. At Navigio, we see a world where every corner of our hometown or country is filled with untold stories and deserves attention.
We recognize that in the modern world, it's easy to forget about our roots and culture. That's why we strive to make history accessible and interesting for everyone. We want to give people the opportunity to explore cultural heritage through AR technologies, making the legacy of our country alive and accessible to.

Our project not only tells about the culture, history, and heroes of Russia but also makes this information part of everyday reality. This helps people feel connectinon to the values of their country.

Our technologies are especially significant for people with disabilities and shy individuals, as they provide them with the opportunity to independently explore cultural heritage and national routes, making cultural richness and historical heritage more inclusive.
For travelers and adventurers, Navigio becomes an indispensable guide, revealing the secrets of iconic places. This allows them to immerse themselves in history and culture and enriches their travels with new experiences..
We help entrepreneurs and business leaders understand the cultural context of the region so that they can build deeper relationships with the local community. Understanding culture and history contributes to the development of a society where everyone can feel part of a larger story
Urban infrastructure
AR navigation provides additional information about the city, its hidden opportunities, unique facts, and places where one can spend time interestingly. This turns ordinary walks in the city into exciting adventures. AR navigation helps better plan routes, optimize time, and choose the most interesting places to visit.
Working with limited budgets, we may not always do everything perfectly, but we strive for continuous improvement and would be extremely grateful for constructive feedback that will help make our project even better.
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